Agricultural Opportunities

Agriculture at St Joseph’s has a huge amount to offer all students from Years 7 to 12. There are several enterprises that are on offer for students to interact with on the school farm and our commercial farm, Olive Grove. A small percentage of the students come from a rural background, so we want to introduce as many people to agriculture and what it has to offer.  

Students immerse themselves in the production of food, following their products from paddock to plate and begin to develop an understanding of the interactive nature of the land and to then build a respect for all living and non-living things. 

Food production is central to agriculture and students are encouraged to investigate options in the management of agriculture and an understanding and appreciation of what is involved in the production of our primary industries. 

Importantly, skills are built along the way, not only in husbandry activities, but in team work, communication and problem-solving. Agriculture provides students with the opportunity to build confidence in skills gained and to be able to do this within animal welfare guidelines. Students are involved in handling all types of animals including alpacas, sheep, chickens and cattle. Participating in local and interstate shows are a highlight and the school has had much success with show steers. Agriculture does not discriminate. It has something to offer all students and gives them confidence in being able to achieve.  

The school is very well resourced, with a school farm and also a 60-hectare property, Olive Grove, supported by Muswellbrook Coal and run under the banner of the Co-AG Partnership. The main enterprise is a commercial herd of cattle, producing calves for competition, with many other agricultural options available. The Primary Industries and Agriculture students thrive in the ‘real world’ experiences that Olive Grove offers. The subsequent work ethic and attitude of students is extremely positive and work takes on a different perspective than at school. 

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