The teachers at St Joseph’s are committed to assisting all students to reach their academic potential through a range of academic and cultural endeavours outside of the classroom.

  • Debating – students participate in enrichment days and Diocesan competitions to develop their debating skills
  • Public Speaking – students participate at school and Diocesan level to develop their speaking skills
  • The Law Society of NSW Mock Trial Competition – students learn advocacy, debating and problem-solving skills
  • Creative Writing Enrichment Workshops – students learn to enhance their imagination and creativity skills through writing
  • Science and Engineering Challenge – in partnership with the University of Newcastle, students develop their STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) skills outside of the classroom environment
  • Experiment Fest – in partnership with the University of Newcastle, HSC students improve their skills and knowledge using a hands-on approach to scientific experiments
  • Forensics Workshops – students observe tests carried out in a forensic laboratory and the process of scientific evidence to solve crimes
  • Drama Fest – students have a unique opportunity to develop their drama skills with other students and performers
  • Bell Shakespeare Workshops – students experience the work and skills of members of this national theatre company that specialises in the works of William Shakespeare
  • Onstage – students watch outstanding HSC Drama Performance live on stage
  • Encore – students listen to outstanding HSC Music Performances
  • Japanese Language and Cultural Immersion Days – students experience the language, food and culture of Japan.

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