Executive Team

At St Joseph’s Catholic College, there are 62 teaching staff and 20 support staff employed. 

Our school has a well-developed Learning Support Team which addresses the needs of students with disabilities and learning difficulties. Students who could not otherwise make a fair attempt to demonstrate their knowledge and potential in the classroom are supported to help them achieve their best.

The Leadership Team is responsible for setting and achieving the operational agenda and goals of the school as driven by the Strategic and Annual Plan. This group of dynamic individuals is each responsible for key aspects of the business.

A list of staff contacts can be found below: 

School Executive

Principal: Veronica Rolfe                                                                                     
Assistant Principals: Joel Bristow and Marika Eveleigh
Ministry Coordinator: Vincent Cooper
Coordinator of Pedagogy: Janene Thompson

Leaders of Wellbeing and Engagement

Year 7: Brent Lilley
Year 8: Madeleine Stoneman
Year 9: Mitchell Blaney
Year 10: Teliece Wallace
Year 11: Kelly Carmody
Year 12: Timothy O'Toole
Wellbeing Coordinator: Lesley Shipman

Leaders of Learning

Religion: Kristy Roach
English: Emma-Louise Scott
HSIE: Wendy Thomas
Mathematics: Melanie Ritter
Science: Lisa Bright
CAPA/Languages: Claire Dent
PDHPE: Steve Sokulsky
TAS: Kirralee Green
VET: Mark Caelli
Learning Support Coordinator: Lauren Gallagher
Aboriginal Education Support Teachers: Laura Pegrum & Christine Thompson
Sport Coordinator: Alison Tilse
Digital Innovation and Learning: Brittney Bayliss
Senior School Officer: Therese Bristow
Finance Officer: Belinda Rousell
Receptionist: Amanda Russell
IT Support: Matthew West

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