St Joseph’s provides an efficient and effective canteen to meet the needs of the school community. Open each day at recess and lunch, the canteen provides a selection of fresh and healthy food choices at affordable prices. The diverse range of foods offered and efficient service are only possible due to voluntary assistance from parents, friends and relatives of students. All profits from the canteen are used to fund significant improvements to school facilities for the benefit of all students.

The canteen follows a modified version of the NSW Healthy School Canteen Strategy Food and Drink Criteria. This government initiative sees food and drinks divided into two categories:

* Everyday Items - mostly made onsite, using ingredients from an approved shopping list. Manufactured items must meet strict criteria, including portion sizes, to be classified as Everyday. Ideally, a minimum of 75% of the food and drink menu offered each day should be from the Everyday category.

* Occasional items - this is a list of food and drinks that are less healthy due to a higher salt, fat or sugar content and should not exceed 25% of the daily menu. If a food or drink does not fall into either category, it cannot be sold in the school canteen.

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