Bus Routes

Osborn’s Bus Company provides most routes of transport to and from school. They have over 30 buses that pick-up students from, but not limited to the following areas: Sandy Hollow, Denman, Martindale, Muswellbrook, Manobalai, Aberdeen, Dartbrook, Scone, Ellerston, Isis River, Gundy, Bunnan, Kars Springs, Middlebrook and the surrounds of these areas.

To find out which bus would be suitable please contact Osborn’s Bus Company on 6543 1271 or click here.

Download Bus Routes

Additionally, the Catholic Schools Office runs a bus from Merriwa and surrounding areas directly to St Joseph’s Aberdeen. Please contact the school regarding transport on the Merriwa bus.

Parent Drop off

Students may be dropped off at school and collected at the front of the school in Segenhoe or Bedford Streets. There are two visitor car parking spaces in the staff car park for quick drop off and pick up.

Student Drivers

Senior students who drive to school must do so with both school and parent permission. If a passenger other than a sibling is being transported by another student, both parents’ permission is required. A Student Driver’s Policy document needs to be obtained from the school. Once completed, a Driver’s Card will be issued by the school and should be presented when requested by staff.

Download Student Drivers Policy


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