The Catholic Schools Office values the significant contribution volunteers make to all our schools. Volunteers bring a rich and diverse mixture of culture, life experience and expertise from their communities.

They complement and enhance the student-centred care provided by our staff. Our volunteers enrich the quality of life for our students and their families and are in turn, enriched by their experiences.

All volunteers are required to participate in an induction course, which are held once per term at the school. Please contact the school to find out when the next induction course is being held.

To become a volunteer, please complete a volunteer induction session and the related documents contained in the volunteer induction handbook. Volunteers may be required to undergo screening for suitability for volunteer work in child related areas.

Examples of a volunteer at St Joseph’s include:

  • Canteen helpers
  • Drivers to academic, sporting and cultural events
  • Sporting coaches
  • Agricultural helpers
  • Excursion chaperones

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