Vocational Education

St Joseph’s offers a range of Vocational Education and Training subjects through our Trade Training Centre. Subjects available include:

  • Manufacturing & Engineering
  • Construction
  • Hospitality
  • Retail Services
  • Primary Industries

Vocational Education subjects are accessible to all students, have a good mix of practical and theory content and support the development of employability skills sought by employers and industry.

The courses have real world application and, for most students, have direct application to post-school career pathways or provide skills and knowledge which transfers across into broader career applications.

For Industry Curriculum Framework courses, the dual accreditation means students may cover both TAFE and University entrance requirements studied as part of their HSC.

Students in the Industry Curriculum Framework courses have a NESA mandatory work placement component. For each year of study (120 hours), a minimum of 35 hours work placement must be completed.

Vocational Education courses are competency based. This requires a focus on students developing the required skills and knowledge within each unit of competency.

Students must demonstrate to a qualified assessor that they can effectively carry out the various tasks to the standard required in the appropriate industry to be assessed as competent.

The optional Higher School Certificate (HSC) Examination for Industry Curriculum Framework (240 hours) courses will involve a written examination made up of multiple choice, short answer and extended responses.

The examination is independent of the competency-based assessment undertaken during the course and has no impact on the eligibility of a student to receive AQF qualifications.

As Nationally Recognised Training qualifications, all VET courses offered are recognised by TAFE and other Registered Training Providers for further study.

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