St Joseph’s implemented a BYOD program in 2015 which has continued each year since. We are committed to providing the highest standards of education to our students, with an increasing awareness of the need to equip our students with a skill set that benefits the emerging technological future.

We are offering parents two options when making their decision:

  • Specified Device (purchased through A Corp Computers)
  • Minimum Specifications Device

Specified Device

After very careful consideration, we have chosen A Corp Computers as our device vendor. A St Joseph’s School Portal has been set up by A Corp for you to explore and make purchases.

On the portal you will find:

  • Three device bundle options (low, middle, and high price range)
  • A range of accessories, equipment and spare parts
  • Warranty and Accidental Damage Protection (ADP) information
  • Delivery information
  • Finance options available.

Please note that devices purchased will come with Windows installed but no other software. The school will install Office 365 (PowerPoint, Word, OneNote etc) free of charge, courtesy of the CSO, once the student has enrolled. Devices will need to be reconfigured for the school network with the help of the Learning Technology Coordinator and Information Technology Officer.

Some benefits of purchasing one of our specified devices:

  • Each device comes with 3 years warranty and 3 years Accidental Damage Protection
  • All purchases come with a carry case, power adapter and stylus pen
  • A loan device will be on offer to students while their device is away under repair
  • A site technician will visit the school to repair devices in a timely manner.

Minimum Specifications

For those wishing to make their own purchases based on Minimum Specifications, please see these below.

It is very important to note that the school will only be able to offer limited IT support to devices purchased outside of our program and you will need to negotiate your own Warranty and Accidental Damage Protection deal with your vendor before making a purchase. It is also recommended that you confirm with the vendor a clear outline of how these types of issues will be dealt with and the turn-around time for repair.

It is important to note that if you purchase a device using minimum specifications and the device is sent away for repair under warranty or ADP, your child will not have access to the loan device stock at the school. This stock is reserved for students that buy a specified device through the school system.

Minimum Specifications


Tablet must have a physical keyboard and preferably a digitizer stylus pen

(laptop devices will not have this option).

Physical features

Minimum screen size 13” (inch)

Operating system

Windows 10

Battery Life

Advertised minimum 8 hours

Wireless Capability

5GHz 802.11n- dual band wireless

Warranty and Insurances

For you to negotiate (recommend minimum 2 year warranty and ADP)



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