Reports and Progress Statements

Semester Reports 

A formal report is available to parents twice per year, generated through the Compass education software system. The reports include student academic achievement through the Academic Profiles, personal and social development through the Approaches to Learning, and additional information about student achievement and recommendations for improvement.

Prior to the reports, parents have the opportunity to discuss their child’s progress at Student/Parent/Teacher Conferences. At this time, parents can discuss study strategies, examination and assessment preparation, social and behavioural issues, as well as homework and other curriculum issues. 

Progress Statements 

The Progress Statements assess a student’s effort displayed in the areas of engagement, diligence, and behaviour in all classes. 

  • Engagement - Participation, curiosity, interest, passion, and motivation that students show when they are learning or being taught. 
  • Diligence – Application, perseverance, and independent motivation; the degree to which a student demonstrates a conscientious commitment towards classwork and/or homework. 
  • Behaviour – Conduct and attitude that demonstrates safe, positive, and respectful practices within the learning environment. 

The Progress Statements will be reported to parents/guardians in addition to the two formal semester reports. The three possible criteria descriptors awarded for a student’s effort in engagement, diligence, and behaviour are: 

  • Exceeds Expectations – the student surpasses the standards/requirements set by the classroom teacher. 
  • Meets Expectations - the student satisfies the standards/requirements set by the classroom teacher. 
  • Greater application required – the student is not currently applying themselves sufficiently to satisfy the standards/requirements set by the classroom teacher. 

The Progress Statements should encourage and motivate student’s to perform to the best of their abilities. They also provide an opportunity for parents to keep up-to-date with the progress of their child, as communication between the school and home is an important element of the program. The program is not based on the academic achievements of students, but rather on the effort they are prepared to put in to meet the expectations placed upon them. Students who apply themselves can achieve excellent results, regardless of their academic abilities.  

Parents are notified of all results via Compass. Where it is believed that the student requires more specific feedback to assist in the development of strategies to improve their efforts, direct contact will be made with the parents. 

Parents should follow-up with the classroom teacher any concerns they might have about their child’s progress. Any concerns about overall performance or wellbeing should be addressed to the appropriate Leader of Wellbeing and Engagement.

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