Assessment Handbooks 

Assessment tasks are an essential tool in modern educational practice and a mandatory part of our educational system. Assessment tasks enable students to demonstrate the standard of knowledge and skill that they have achieved at particular times in their courses of study. 

All faculties at St Joseph’s are required to ensure that assessment: 

  • is an essential and integrated part of teaching and learning 
  • reflects a belief that all students can improve 
  • is inclusive of all students 
  • is varied and meaningful for students 
  • is appropriate and manageable in relation to the outcomes being addressed 
  • provides the opportunity to monitor, evaluate and inform the teaching and learning process 
  • provides feedback for students as to their learning 
  • as a process, assists teachers to identify and monitor students' achievements and the extent of their progress in relation to the outcomes 
  • enables faculties to plan for improvement in learning and set realistic priorities 
  • provides the basis for reporting to parents, caregivers, government authorities, and others where appropriate. 

The purpose of these handbooks is to provide students and parents with vital information concerning assessment procedures and practices. Please read the information in these handbooks carefully and if you still have questions, please contact the school for clarification. 

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