Reports and Reviews

Semester Reports

A formal report is available to parents twice per year, generated through the Compass education software system. The reports include student academic achievement through the course profiles, personal and social development through the personal profiles and additional information about student achievement and areas for improvement.

Following the reports, parents have the opportunity to discuss their child’s progress at student/parent/teacher conferences. At this time, parents can discuss social and behavioural issues, as well as homework and other curriculum issues.

Review Grades

The Student Review reports on the effort displayed by a student in the areas of homework, classwork and conduct in all academic classes and conduct only for Pastoral Care class.

The Student Review will be reported to parents/guardians each term in addition to the two formal semester reports. The three possible review grades awarded for a student’s effort in homework, classwork and conduct are:

3 = Consistently

2 = Generally

1 = Infrequently

The Student Review program has been in operation for several years and its effectiveness has been demonstrated in the way students are encouraged and motivated to perform to the best of their abilities. The review process also provides an ideal opportunity for parents to keep up-to-date with the progress of their child, as communication between the school and home is an important element of the program. The program is not based on the academic achievements of students, but rather on the effort they are prepared to put in to meet the expectations placed upon them. Students who apply themselves can achieve excellent results, regardless of their academic abilities. 

Parents are notified of all results for each review via Compass. Where it is believed that the student requires more specific feedback to assist in the development of strategies to improve their efforts in the areas of homework, classwork and conduct, contact will be made with the parents.

Review Grade Certificates for Excellence, Distinction and Improvement are awarded at the end of the year at Presentation Night.

It is hoped that, after the review, parents will take the opportunity to follow-up with the classroom teacher with any concerns they might have about their child. Any concerns about overall performance or progress should be addressed to the appropriate Student Coordinator.

Review Grades Criteria

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